Connectivity degradation in Western Europe
Admin panel Call and video Ticket operations Email services
Resolved in 8 hours and 55 minutes
We are currently experiencing an unexpected connectivity degradation affecting our Western Europe data center(s). This degradation has resulted in limited access to the following services: Admin, Calls, Tickets and Emails. Our technical team is actively working to identify the root cause of the issue and restore full functionality ASAP. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to resolve this incident promptly. We will continue to provide updates on our status page and will notify you once the services are fully restored. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.
2023-07-10 08:05
The issue is caused by multiple international fiber outages in Europe. More details can be found on
2023-07-10 08:45 UTC
We switched traffic from Cogent to back up provider. This workaround resolved the issue with the connectivity of our customers. Please note this is a temporary fix and we are waiting for a final resolution from the Cogent side. We will keep you updated.
2023-07-10 10:15 UTC
Fiber issues located in the area of Eastern Germany (Emstek-Bramsche) were restored and we also performed emergency works to get additional capacity. Due to that, services should be working fine, without any packet loss or extra latency.
2023-07-10 17:00 UTC