Connectivity issues in WS-EU data center
Admin panel
Resolved in 6 hours and 30 minutes
We are experiencing connectivity issues in our EU data center, multiple affected customers are not able to access or load their LiveAgent panels. Our administrators are already working on the issue. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience, we will keep this post updated.
2023-06-23 06:30
There seems to be a problematic hop in the connection to our servers, customers that are not able to load or log in to their LiveAgent panels shall try to change their internet connection or use mobile data or VPN. Our administrators and data center provider are communicating with the problematic node provider to help to resolve the issues.
2023-06-23 07:00 UTC
According to our information there are problems on the side of Deutsche Telekom (DTAG). DTAG is already working on a solution.
2023-06-23 11:42 UTC
The issues were resolved and no more problems were reported. We will keep monitoring the issue.
2023-06-23 13:00 UTC