The attack on the crucial part of LiveAgent's infrastructure
US Texas US Newark UK DE SG SK
Admin panel Call and video Ticket operations Email services
Resolved in 15 hours and 20 minutes
Technical problems reported and investigation started.
2020-03-05 01:40
Issue had been identified and work on resolution started.
05-03-2020 05:36
US-TX Data Center had been restored.
05-03-2020 10:41
Most of our Data Centers had been restored.
05-03-2020 16:00
all remaining Data Centers had been restored.
05-03-2020 17:00

At approximately 03:00 am (UTC +2), a remote attacker managed to exploit a critical vulnerability in a 3rd party system that is a crucial part of LiveAgent’s infrastructure. There’s no indication that the customer’s data was exploited, tampered with, or leaked. According to our insights, the attacker’s goal was to mine cryptocurrencies. Find more details here.